Topic: Keys to Supernatural Recovery 4

Text: 1 Samuel 30:11-19
“And they found an Egyptian in the field, and brought him to David, and gave him bread, and he did eat; and they made him drink water; And they gave him a piece of a cake of figs, and two clusters of raisins: and when he had eaten, his spirit came again to him: for he had eaten no bread, nor drunk any water, three days and three nights.

And David said unto him, To whom belongest thou? and whence art thou? And he said, I am a young man of Egypt, servant to an Amalekite; and my master left me, because three days agone I fell sick. We made an invasion upon the south of the Cherethites, and upon the coast which belongeth to Judah, and upon the south of Caleb; and we burned Ziklag with fire.

And David said to him, Canst thou bring me down to this company? And he said, Swear unto me by God, that thou wilt neither kill me, nor deliver me into the hands of my master, and I will bring thee down to this company. And when he had brought him down, behold, they were spread abroad upon all the earth, eating and drinking, and dancing, because of all the great spoil that they had taken out of the land of the Philistines, and out of the land of Judah.

And David smote them from the twilight even unto the evening of the next day: and there escaped not a man of them, save four hundred young men, which rode upon camels, and fled. And David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away: and David rescued his two wives. And there was nothing lacking to them, neither small nor great, neither sons nor daughters, neither spoil, nor any thing that they had taken to them: David recovered all.”

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name. This is another day that the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it.

Last week, we started this series on keys to Supernatural Recovery. We studied the following

1. Encourage yourself in the Lord your God
2. Enquire from God (Divine Direction)
3. Obedience (And David Moved)

Today, we will look at the fourth key.
4. Help someone to recovery in your journey to recovery

Our text tells us that David met a dying Egyptian and helped him and nursed him back to life and health even though he (David) was hurting. The difference between David and the Amalekites is that while the Amalekites left their hurting to hurt and die, David could not see a dying man and leave him. The lesson to learn here is that compassion is a vital key to Supernatural recovery. You cannot be carried away with your own pain and hurt and forget to show compassion to someone in need when it is in your power to do so. The Bible says when you do this, you lend to God and He will repay you. The Bible also shows that you can do good to someone without knowing that that is your key(contact) to your own recovery/restoration. Let’s look at two case studies.

1. David’s story in our text. As he helps the Egyptian, he discovers that he was amongst the raiding band that invaded his home. What this means is that God brought him his key to recovery. Imagine that his bowels of mercy and compassion were closed; he wouldn’t have had that restoration. Be sensitive in the Spirit to know that God can use any means to restore back to you what you have lost.

2. Abraham in Genesis 18:1-14 saw three unknown men who he felt had come from afar and his bowels of mercy and compassion rose up to the point that he couldn’t resist the urge to be hospitable to them and that hospitality became the key to his Supernatural recovery and restoration. Glory to God.

You must never be so engrossed with your problems and loss that you refuse to show compassion to another person. You never know if that contact will lead to amazing results in future. God is on your side!

I pray for you this new week that

1. God will give you a pleasant surprise in Jesus name!

2. Favour will answer to you in Jesus name!

3. Your debts will be paid in Jesus name!

4. People owing you will pay you this week in Jesus name!

Somebody shout a loud AMEN!!!

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