• When facing giants, there are things we must not do. Numbers 13:25-33
  • Obstacle represents giants and mountains like obstacles also represent giants, whenever you have a thing you want to embark on, but your resources are limited you’re facing giants.
  • If you do nothing about your obstacles they will remain there, so we must learn what to do and what not to do.


  1. Destroying failure mindset – this is aimed at destroying every mindset that encourages failure. Who you are can be determined by the quality of your mindset. Know that you cannot move beyond the quality of your mind.
  • God wanted them to spy the land, because vision in the vehicle to destiny. For how far we can go in life depends on how far we can see.
  • When God wants to do anything in our lives, he sends us ahead as spies to view our destination or where he is taking us to.
  • The intention is to motivate and encourage us.
  • Learn to spy, because it exposes you to what you are up against.
  • Whenever people confess and agree that they cannot do a thing, there is mindset behind it.
  • It is a wrong mindset to think that you gain some and lose some. It is a lie from the devil and must not be accepted. It is also a wrong mindset to believe that all fingers are not equal.
  • The life God has given us as believers, is a life of continuous victory.
  • 1Cor 9:6-8 Romans 8:37
  • God will not send us into a battle when there are no spoils.
  • Number 14:1-9 – Because we fall down is not and indication that we are below or have failed. We must know that we are the head and not the tail; above only and not beneath


  • We can get bitter but must not stay bitter.
  • Emotions can be spontaneous, but we do not remain or stay angry or bitter.
  • Your anger or wrath must not stay, it is a mistake to let bitterness stay. Hebrew 12:15
  • Staying bitter defies the grace over your life. It makes us forget God’s blessing and causes us to focus on our bitterness.
  • Staying bitter dilutes our faith because we spend time analyzing our troubles.
  • Bitter people condemn others a lot. That is what Moses faced with the Israelites.
  • Bitterness causes us to condemn others and start cursing ourselves.


  • When you are bitter, it is difficult to be happy in a relationship.
  • Bitter people respond negatively and find themselves doing things they ought not to do and defile the grace of God. Gal 5:22, Romans 8:19.
  • The danger of giving up on one’s self because of bitterness is that you are wasting Heaven’s resources.
  • Whenever you see the giant, you know you are in a new dimension.
  • When troubles come, it is my testing to see or know if you are worthy.
  • No need to get bitter over a test.


  1. NOT RECOGNISING WHAT YOU HAVE – 1 SAM 17:32-37, NUM 14:11,22
  • People hardly value things until they are about to lose it.
  • In other to defeat your giant and that obstacle, you must be able to recognize what you have, just like the jawbone of an ass that Samson had or David realizing or recognizing what he also had.
  • Not like the Israelites who forgot all that God had done for them.
  • Rev 12:10-11 – The way to overcome giants is by the word of your testimony, but the Israelites forgot.
  • The only way to move forward is to remember your testimony.
  • You cannot worship God with complains, (complaints complicates issues. Complaints attracts plaque).
  • We must learn to work with evidence just like David built his faith from his testimonies.
  • Know that testimonies are miracles and without miracles, we cannot testify. Miracles are divine help from God. But they are far above and beyond that.
  • When miracles meet you, they leave you with a sweet experience.
  • Miracles do not only come in seasons, they are also in series, and failure to realize this will cause us to misuse our miracles.
  • Miracles are the pathway through which God leads us to our destination. It is the rod that part the sea or ocean to enable a walking on dry ground.
  • That miracle is not just there to bless you, it is to help you fight or overcome obstacles.
  • Miracles could be anything, people, integrity, property, relationship, etc.
  • You can create your miracle through kindness. If you have helped somebody once it is a miracle waiting for you.
  • If you squander your first miracle, the second might be difficult.
  • 1 Sam 17:40 – He picked 5 stones, representing grace and Jesus is grace, we Christians fight our battles through grace. God will never leave us without something to deal with the giant.
  • For whatever we receive or get, always give thanks. For giving thanks is the principle of multiplication.
  • When you manage your miracles, men will make you king.
  • If you can think well you will end well.


  • The Israelites focused on their enemies or problems rather than God.
  • Do not focus your mind so much in the problem. It is a grave error.
  • Recognize the pain or challenge, but do not make it your focus.
  • There is however a danger when you are too concerned about your worries. This discourages you from moving forward.
  • Do not focus on the dark part, but on the bright side. If you focus on the problem your faith will dry up and you will be tempted to give up.
  • If you focus on the problem of life, you will think God is not with you. Then You …. you and causes you to doubt your call. It moves you bitter and keeps you complaining always.
  • Focus on the faith that makes you see through the problem, to see the promise.
  • We do not see things the way they are, but the way we are.
  • The obstacles, the pain we are going through are not real. We only need to adjust our lives a little.
  • 2 Cor 12:7-10 – It is all in God’s plan.
  • 1 John 4:17
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